Accounting & Tax Preparation in Farmington, NM

Accounting and tax preparation

At Steve Oldfield & Associates, our goal is to take the stress out of financial planning, tax preparation and accounting services in Farmington, NM. Our team of CPAs, accountants and support staff will take the time to get to know you, your financial situation and financial goals. Our accounting firm has provided tax and financial services to Four Corners residents and businesses since 1975.

Our Services Include:


Whether you are a start-up business, an established corporation, or an individual looking to file personal tax returns, we understand the importance of maintaining accurate financial statements and information. Keeping accurate financial records helps you maintain profits and secure a stable financial future for you or your business. With our accounting services, we ensure your records are up to date and will guide you toward your goals.

Advisory Services

In order to improve your business’ performance, you need to identify risks and turn them into opportunities for growth. Our advisory services will help you find practical solutions to issues, manage risk, and increase your company’s efficiency.


Our bookkeeping services not only help keep your records well-organized, it helps your business run smoothly. Our team will ensure your records are staying on track, are up to date and accurate.

Business Consulting & Planning

If you are looking to identify areas your business needs to improve upon, and want to find ways to prevent problems and issues in the future, our business consultation and planning services are the perfect solution. We can provide an extra hand in securing your future growth and help you understand your finances. Together with you, we will help you develop an individualized plan and financial strategies for your business and navigate state and federal tax systems.

Complex Tax Situations

Taxes are complicated enough as it is, but if you own more than one business, have an atypical tax situation, or are self-employed, it can be even more complex. With Steve Oldfield & Associates, our accountants have the experience and skills to guide your through any tax situation, and ensure everything is filed and completed efficiently and accurately.

Family Wealth Enhancement

Planning and anticipating for retirement and the disposal of your estate can be a bit overwhelming. Our team of financial professionals can guide you through every part of the process, whether it is setting up retirement accounts, developing your will, establishing powers of attorney, or designating your beneficiaries. We will help you get your financial affairs in order so you can enjoy a comfortable retirement and provide for your family.


Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are their payroll needs. We recognize your company has specific needs and will work with you to create a payroll management system that is well-matched to your business. We have the experience you can trust to file Form 941s and prepare both 1099 and W-2s for your employees.

Tax Preparation

We are proud to help individuals, small and large businesses, corporations and more in preparing their tax returns. We have the tax knowledge and experience to prepare an accurate return that gives you the maximum refund. Our team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on current tax codes, as well as ever changing Federal and New Mexico tax return laws.

Tax & Financial Services You Can Count On

For over 40 years, Steve Oldfield & Associates has been a trusted name for tax and financial services in Farmington, NM. Our team of accountants are dedicated to helping you understand your personal or professional financial situation. We are proud to serve individual and commercial accounting clients across the Four Corners and San Juan County.

For more information about our services, to schedule an appointment or for general accounting questions, please contact us at 505-327-5001.

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